How much does a pediatrician make?

How much does a pediatrician makeOne of the most researched aspects of medical careers is their salaries. Who makes the most money? Who deserves it? Who is overpaid (radiologists and dermatologists, in case you were wondering)? Who doesn’t make enough? Today we’re going to talk about the humble pediatrician.

According to the AAMC , the average pediatrician makes anywhere from $160,000 to $230,000 per year, leaning more towards the $160,000 end. Of course, salary is going to vary based on experience, location, business acumen, size of practice, specialty, etc. A starting pediatrician could make as little as $60,000 per year! How much a pediatrician makes a year would also depends on how many hours they work, how many patients they choose to see, etc. Don’t forget that medical school debt either, and expenses add up fast.

Pediatricians work an average number of hours (54 a week, versus the physician-wide average of 53.8 hours per week), but receive a below average salary. It’s no secret that pediatricians are considered to be underpaid for their work. This is reflective of a broader trend in medicine, where specialists and surgeons are paid more than primary care doctors. The reasons behind this worrying progression are too many to get into here.

So, how much does a pediatrician make a year? Regardless of other factors, you’re generally going to be making an upper-middle class income once you’ve got a few years of work under your belt. While pediatricians may be underpaid considering the work they do and the amount of education they receive, they do make enough to get by for the most part.

To put it bluntly, though, you really shouldn’t go into pediatrics unless you truly believe it is your calling. You put in a huge amount of hours (both during education and actual work) for relatively little money. It’s noble. It’s great. It’s wonderful. But for whatever reason, pediatricians are not particularly well remunerated in the United States.

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  1. kayla on January 10, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    this is a hard job

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  3. Jadyn Tyler on February 27, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    What would happen if the baby that you were going to deliver didn’t deliver the proper way? Would you just tell your patient that the baby is not delivering? If something went wrong with the birth could the mom or dad sue that doctor that was on call and delivered that baby? How many people would an intern assist?

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