How much does a neurologist make?

What does a neurologist do?how much does a neurologist make


Neurologists are doctors that study and treat ailments affecting the nervous system. Most commonly, neurologists will find themselves working with the diseases affecting the brain, spinal cord, motor neurons, and peripheral nerves. They also work in a diagnostic function, attempting to discover what pathology is affecting a patient. In general, neurologists will work in a specialist role rather than as primary care physicians. There are dozens of neurological subspecialties as well, including interventional neurology, where surgical techniques are employed, geriatric neurology, and the in depth study of specific neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease or epilepsy.


How much does a neurologist make?


The median salary for a typical neurologist in the United States in 2012 comes out to about $210,000 per year. The average US neurologist makes anywhere from $190,000 to $250,000 a year. The average neurologist works 55 hours per week, slightly higher than average for a physician.


How does neurology compare to other medical specialties?


Neurologists make more than the lowest paid specialties, such as pediatrics, but don’t make as much as the highest paid specialties, such as radiology or dermatology. Although the neurologist’s salary is not as big as some other physicians’, the amount of pay a neurologist takes home as remained (mostly) stable compared to other medical specialties. As with any career, the amount an individual neurologist will depend on location, experience, and other such factors. In addition, the amount of hours worked and the amount of patient income a neurologist generates play large factors in remuneration.


What does the future look like for neurologists?


The demand for neurologists is likely going to increase in the coming years as the population ages. Although neurology residencies are relatively uncompetitive (compared to other specialties!), there are still a limited number of new practicing neurologists produced each year.

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  1. Ljubavni on August 3, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Hi Laura,Thanks for your reply! Actually I am feeling pttrey good and can honestly say I am so grateful to be where I am as opposed to just a few months ago! So just hang in there, it’s going to get better for you too! :) When I had my injections I tried to work for a few weeks and had to keep going to ERs and finally became so ill I was hospitalized in June. After that point, I missed about 8-9 weeks of work. I then went back only half days for several weeks and at first it was really pushing it with my exhaustion and brain fog just to do the half days. I am very grateful for the half days because it took me soooo long to do the simplest tasks it helped me work up to longer days. When I did start the longer days, I couldn’t hardly function in the evenings and weekends. I would think being a math professor you mentally have to be on your game. Is there a way you when you are ready to start back you could work part time and ease yourself back into your job? I know this is hard in the real world, but also it helped me to just try and focus on one area. I told myself that all I had to do was work 4 hours. I did my four hours and then my family and husband helped pick up the slack until I was stronger to be able to take on other tasks. It seemed if I pushed myself or stressed myself too much I would just crash. After I went back for the full days, it was about 4 weeks and my brain fogged seemed to improve so much. I must say that I rarely have it now and if I do it’s only for a few short hours at a time. I soooo understand you being mentally low. I had the darkest thoughts and hours of my life through this process and really believed I would never come out of it. Until you go through this, words just don’t do justice to the agony you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s why it’s so wonderful we have each other because everyone on here is traveling the same road. I am here for you and will keep praying for your full recovery that is on it’s way!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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