How long does it take to become a radiologist?

how long does it take to become a radiologistHow long does it take to become a radiologist? We all know that becoming a doctor takes a lot of time, but the exact amount varies from specialty to specialty. Differing residency lengths, different post-residency training requirements, and other such factors are the most important factors to keep in mind.


What do radiologists do?


Radiologists use medical imaging techniques to spot and treat diseases and abnormalities within the human body. Some of the most commonly used imaging technologies used are x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI scans. Interventional radiology, a subspecialty of radiology, is focused around minimally invasive procedures being carried out with the help of imaging techniques.


So, how long does it take to be a radiologist?


For diagnostic radiologists, it will take usually thirteen years of education in total. Four years for undergrad, four years for medical school, one transitional year, and four years of residency. For interventional radiologists, there is another year of post-residency training required, bringing us to fourteen years in total.


How do radiology residencies work?

how long does it take to become a radiologist


Traditionally, radiologists took a year of preliminary medicine or preliminary surgery before entering their four year residency. Today, though, many programs simply include the preliminary year as part of a five-year all-inclusive programs. How this happens will vary from program to program. Finding a separate preliminary program for students who require it is generally not too much of a problem.



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